Infertility is a loss. It's the loss of a dream.
It's the loss of an assumed future.
And, like every loss, it will be grieved

Being a Clinical Psychologist does not guarantee a perfect life with all the answers and great understanding of every person we meet. It does not mean we have it all figured out or that we don’t make mistakes. It doesn’t mean we don’t struggle. It does not mean we are immune to problems such as depression, anxiety, infertility or divorce. It doesn’t mean our children are perfect. Most of the time it doesn’t mean anything remotely close to what people assume it means. It definitely doesn’t mean we read minds, predict the future or analyse everyone we talk to.

What it does mean is that we are constantly learning. It means we have empathy and we understand pain. It means that we have probably gone through much more than you could imagine and our training and life experiences help.

We can help you to help yourself. We can help you grow and in so doing we grow along with you.

Your journey is difficult. It’s heart wrenching, frustrating and soul destroying at times. We can’t change what is not, we can change how you deal with it. We can go on this journey with you for as long as you need our support. Having a Clinical Psychologist on your team means never having to face your difficulties alone.

When I say I understand your journey, it’s because I once walked this journey myself.

Infertility is indiscriminate.

I suffered with endometriosis, infertility and the natural reaction of Depression. I underwent Lapscopes. I took Clomid and did everything I was told to do. I cried every month when that urine dip stick did not show me two lines. I’d dry my eyes and convince myself I wasn’t really ready to be pregnant anyway. A truly vicious cycle. Depression, fear and despair were ever hovering waiting to pounce on me….

Two years later my son was born and so began another journey filled with a different kind of fear as well as untold joy. I survived this journey which you are now facing and it will be an honour and a privilege to guide and support you through your process with our team at the Advanced Fertility Centre.