dietician RIA CATSICAS

Food is essential for life, therefore for a good life, make it healthy and nutritious

Ria Catsicas RD(SA), BA (Psychology), Msc (Nutrition) is a Clinical Dietitian in private practice with twenty five years of experience.  Ria is the founding partner of Nutritional Solutions which is one of the leading dietetic practices in South Africa. 

Ria specialises in the nutritional management of fertility, PCOS, overweight, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes. Ria has authored the book The Complete Nutritional Solutions to Diabetes. Ria has presented research papers at Medical Congresses and writes for medical journals including the SA Journal of Diabetes and SAMJ.

She regularly contributes to the promotion of nutrition education and gives nutrition a “voice” by doing presentations and talks on radio, TV shows, expos and conferences.