A very passionate gynae. He delivered my first baby. So caring. It’s so unfortunate he doesn’t practice anymore. All the best in your new adventure.

He is a very helpful, honest and great Dr I have ever met.He cares about people’s health and well being.He knows his work very well and a God fearing man.Anyone I know who needs a good gynaecologist and obstetrician, i always recommend them to Dr Chauke.

A very intelligent gynaecologist i’ve i met who understand and has knowledge within his area of expertise. I salute you .he onced helped when i was told to remove my womb because i had abnormal pap smear results he can to my rescue he did some test which came back positive to only find out that i had abnormal growth but they were non cancerous he also performed a very successfu surgery to remove them .im proud to say even today i still have my healthy womb and im also pregnant with a healthy baby with no complications. THANK YOU DOC ,NDZA NKHENSA.i know ur longer practicing ur a head of medical department at wits .please would you consider coming back to the field we need people like you.

He is one of the best doctors in south Africa. I was referred to him , in 2007, by Dr Mokgotlane, after doing an IVF with Dr Pentz. I rate him the highest in the field of gynecology. He is a wise man indeed.

I know him as a very humble, dedicated and highly committed to patient care. I’ve never been disappointed when referring patients to him. Even if his schedule is full, he always devise means to help them. After consulting the patients, he always write a detailed comprehensive report with clear management plan. I strongly recommend his service to patients and colleagues.